UN Water 2023

UN 2023 Water Conference – Virtual side event:
Theme: Water for Sustainable Development: Innovative Solutions to the Water Crisis in Africa.
Helping Humanity to solve its water challenge in one generation from 2020 – 2050 in achieving SDG 6


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The International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria is taking the leadership in preserving the environment through various initiatives to promote the four elements of the ecosystem, these four elements are Water, Agriculture, Circular ecosystem and climate change/ energy.

We are partnering with Next Leaders Initiative for Sustainability for its flagship project 4Revs.  4Revs is a unique, co-creative ecosystem which aims to help humanity solve the four survival challenges in one generation – between 2020-2050. In the last three years, we have researched innovative solutions in Africa concerning the 4 elements listed above.

One of our environmental projects is the Waste Management Challenge. This project is targeted at raising leaders who will take ownership of their environment by developing innovative approaches to manage waste, promote sanitation and health living.

The International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria partners with NELIS Japan to carry our research that can influence water policies, develop case studies for big cooperation’s and identify innovations in Africa working to promote water accessibility , treatment and management as a means of curbing the water crisis.

At ICLDNG, we believe in providing platforms for new idea incubations, networking and exchange programs to drive actions for sustainable development in Africa and globally.