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Codes of Leadership Adekoya, Rasak – IIGL Student, CEO – 360Connect

Rasak Adekoya is a visually impaired leadership, management and content development consultant. He is the CEO of 360 Connect: a business and social enterprise. over the years, he has built up a formidable portfolio in leadership, project management, human resource management and business strategy.

Professionally, his experience cuts across several industries and fields and he currently sits on the boards of a few companies. As a consultant, he helps enterprises evolve strategically to meet the needs of new and emerging markets. He has spoken on different platforms and trained individuals, corporations and organizations. This includes but is not limited to CBN, Lagos State Government, GT bank, UNCTAd etc.

Rasak is a widely read author of bestselling books and a blogger who addresses personal and financial effectiveness as a key to nation-building. He is motivated by the ideals of contributing to the growth of a stronger nation which is less consumer-inclined and more producer-based.

He is an excellent team player with a unique approach to problem-solving, a skilled communicator, a motivator and a strategic and creative thinker. He is also passionate and dedicated to seeing people reach their full potentials as he volunteers for a number of local and international not-for-profit organizations.

Rasak can be reached at:

Finding Your Path Through Leadership – Koziba Kibby Sebina, Motivational Speaker,

Leadership & Corporate Management Coach

Koziba Kibby Sebina is a motivational Speaker, breakthrough coach, and international success coach.  He is the Founder & President of Botswana Young Speakers Association. Leadership and corporate management coach. Member of National Speakers Association USA. He is the World Bank Group Youth Summit ambassador. Kibby is the Commonwealth Peace Ambassador Network program director. A writer and youth activist.  Kibby’s journey in teaching and inspiring people of all walks of life to reach their full potential has made him one of the nation’s leading choices as a speaker, trainer for corporate events, conferences and conventions.

Koziba Kibby Sebina’s journey teaching and inspiring people of all walks of life to reach their full potential has made him one of the nation’s leading choices as a professional speaker/trainer for corporate events, conferences, and conventions. He incorporates experiences from his professional and personal life into each one of his presentations. His inspirational keynote covers professional and personal development, leadership principles. The underlying thesis of all of Koziba Sebina’s teachings is that Life is too short not to be happy, and life is too long not to do well. His programs are designed to accelerate professional and personal growth and produce the favorable results people look for in life both at work and at home. He clarifies your thinking process so that good decision making skills come easily. At all of his events, he stresses the importance of managing and maintaining professional and personal life balance. Koziba is a management trainer with the knack for bringing the best out of individuals and teams. As a humorous motivational speaker, he help people bring their finest, best and happiest to life, resulting in stronger relationships, more productivity, less stress, and better health.

Kibby can be reached at:,,

Future Work$ – Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe, President of World Leadership Day

Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe, President of World Leadership Day, a global think tank, is a certified John Maxwell speaker and trainer as well as a leadership and gender expert. Dr. DeFoe is a workforce and career development guru and a business thought solutionist, who served as the Vice President of a South Florida Workforce Board for several years.

She is a much sought-after speaker and trainer, inspiring audiences across the United States, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.  She is an organization development, quality and performance management specialist who has elevated the performance of organizations in a wide range of sectors; she has developed several social entrepreneurial ventures to pursue her passion for uplifting women and transforming organizations.

Dr. DeFoe is the author of A Woman’s Guide to Soulful Living: Seven Keys to Life and Work Success, a novel Tropical Escapes, and Follow Her Lead: Leadership Lessons For Women As They Journey From the Backroom to  the Boardroom. The Execution Factor: 99 Strategies That Can Ignite Organizational Productivity will be released in 2017. Dr. DeFoe has dished out expert advice in Essence Magazine (September 2008, April 2009, August 2009) and Black Enterprise Magazine (March 2009, August 2009.) 

Dr. Davis-DeFoe can be reached at:

Be the Voice of Change – Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah (Aijay), 

Multi-award-winning entrepreneur

Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah is a multi award-winning entrepreneur, Nominee, – UN Women Empower Women Global Champion for Change 2016, Fellow – YALI RLC 2016, Public Speaker, event facilitator and Consultant specializing in Social Entrepreneurship.

She is a Physiotherapist by profession and has been running her own businesses for over 6 years. She is the Founder of the Markengee Group (Markengee Touchinglives International and Markengee Home for Orphans & Widows) The Markengee Group is a Not-For-Profit Organization that Supports Strengthens and Shapes the lives of Women and Youths in the FCT, Imo and Edo states. They empower women through Capacity building workshops. Through weekly media rally and annual Community Outreach Programmes they have touched the lives of over 300 widows, and are hoping to empower them with access to collateral-free loans to enable them transact their businesses and be independent enough to be the best that they can be in life.

Aijay can be reached through the following links:

Tweet @Mahowfoundation, Instagram @Mahowfoundation ,

Developing Leadership Excellence & Customer- Centric Organization  – Ethelbert Umeh,

IIGL Graduate

Ethelbert Obinna Umeh is a multiple award-winning freelance prolific writer, author, blogger, editor, Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, teacher, master of ceremony and Journalist. He runs a blog:, and has published three books currently on sale in Amazon. They are: How to Find, Attract and Keep Your Beloved, The Audacity of Giving, and How to Cope when a Beloved Suddenly Dies.

He studied Philosophy at the Prestigious Pontifical Urban University, Rome, and University of Ibadan, Nigeria and graduated with Honors. He also earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mass Communication from Richmond Open University, Nigeria. He studied ‘Global Leadership & Human Capital Development’ from International Institute for Global Leadership, IIGL, USA, and currently serves as a Board member. His areas of expertise criss-cross Leadership and Management, Philosophy, Concise Digital Journalism, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business, Human Resources Management, Fund raising concepts, Personal Development, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Human Rights, etc.

Ethelbert is the CEO Blueprint Consulting a leadership consulting organization that specializes in the training and development of private and corporate organizations especially in the areas of maximizing their employee productivity, creativity and overall organizational development. His goal is to help them in achieving personal and business goals faster than they can ever imagine.

As a creative writer, Ethelbert has consulted for more than 100 clients from over 40 countries of the world through various online freelance agencies and has addressed thousands of people in talks, and seminars in Nigeria.

He has participated and contributed immensely to many local and international conferences, seminars, talks and workshops organized in Nigeria. Ethelbert is an alumnus of The Institute of Business Advisers Nigeria, and is duly elected as an Associate Member. In addition, he earned certificates on ‘Strategies for Personal Growth and Development, Fund Raising Concepts, Human Rights etc’ from Young African Leaders Initiative Network.

Ethelbert is passionate about leaving the world better than he met it. He volunteered and coached over 40 young writers during his 3 years stay as a part-time teacher at Calvary International Secondary School, Owerri Nigeria and revitalized the moribund school’s Press club Association.

He has studied, researched, and written in a wide range of subject areas. Some of his works published online and elsewhere as a ghost-writer numbers over 5000 articles on topics such as: leadership, entrepreneurship, motivation, politics, healthcare, economy, relationships, environment, arts, travels, food, wine, religion, making money online, law and family issues. Overall, he has edited thousands of manuscripts, press releases, ghost-written books. He speaks English, French and Latin.

His clients include top Internet marketers, public figures, television producers, CEOs, advertising and marketing executives, physicians, marketing/life coaches, public speakers, psychologists, multimedia journalists, missionaries, and other talented individuals and high-profile organizations.

He is passionate about leadership, motivation, entrepreneurship, relationships, and literary issues and also derives great pleasure in volunteering to coach people and serving God and humanity.

Conference Success Team:

Conference Host:

Felix Iziomoh is the Executive Director of the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria, as well as Nigerian Coordinator for the International Institute for Global Leadership (IIGL) in Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.A, where he received the vision for his work in Nigeria. He has authored two books on leadership (available from Amazon): 

African Leadership 101: 7 Secrets for the African Rennaiscance  and 

The Way Forward: 5 Effective Steps to Achieving Your Life Goals.

Felix is presently the President of the International Institute for Global Leadership, U.S.A.?Felix sees the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria as the means for sharing his expertise with the youth who will become future leaders, thereby transforming society into a heart-centered and mutually caring entity. Contact Felix at: /, +2347038222687 / +2348056101807

Skype: iziomoh.felix Website: /

Conference Facilitator:

Kathleen Oweegon is the founder of Bridges of Peace in New Mexico, USA, providing facilitation, training and mediation services throughout the U.S. and around the world. Kathleen facilitates Strategic Planning and Teambuilding sessions for several government agencies, as well as for private organizations and non-profits throughout the U.S. Much of her work with non-profits has been focused on strategic planning and helping leadership teams and Boards of Directors find shared vision and cohesiveness. She also serves on the Board of Directors of The International Institute for Global Leadership.

Kathleen has been a trainer in communication and leadership skills for over 35 years, working with institutions and in the private sector. In 2004 she authored “Create a Better Tomorrow” – a training on conflict-free communication skills. In 2008, she co-authored “Facilitating With Finesse” – a 30-hour facilitation training. Kathleen currently teaches facilitation at the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management, and leadership skills for the New Mexico State University EDGE program.

The focus of Kathleen’s work is to help organizations and individuals become empowered to fulfill their greatest potential. This often involves bringing seemingly discordant voices together in collaborations that produce wisdom, growth and harmony, and result in the greatest number of needs being met for the greatest number of individuals.

Contact Kathleen at:;


Conference Co-facilitator:

Lawrence Afere, a Mandela Washington Fellow and an Ashoka Fellow, is an organic farmer and founder of Springboard Nigeria, a social enterprise that uses organic farming and healthy food production to create meaningful and responsible work for rural and semi urban youth in Ondo State, Nigeria. Presently, Springboard has over 500 members within its network of organic farmers and rural women entrepreneurs. Springboard farmers grow plantain, banana, vegetables, pepper, corn, pineapple and pawpaw. And they also convert their plantain into organic plantain chips. Lawrence envisions a Nation where everyone has access to fresh, local, healthy, affordable food, communities feel connected to the land and each other and where rural and semi-urban youth are active leaders in the area of organic farming and production of healthy food and environmentally friendly products.

Contact Lawrence through: Springboard Nigeria at:

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