Education 4 Climate Action (E4CA)


Education 4 Climate Action (E4CA) – Climate Change Multimedia contest

We are confronted with the dilemma of climate change, and we require revolutionary innovation among young people to help overcome this challenge, which will create a new opportunity.

The significance of young people in developing long-term inventive solutions to the looming climate change crisis has been overlooked. However, the intellectual and youthful energy of high school students can be harnessed to create opportunities that can satisfy societal needs and bring quality of life. Solving this challenge will help us as humans to live in a city where we don’t have to be afraid of living in our homes and not returning to find our properties destroyed and our lives threatened. We want the next generation to grow up in a peaceful neighborhood and in a world free from any kind of pollution.

The goals of the Education for Climate Action Multimedia contest are to establish in schools a culture of environmental stewardship and to encourage youth participation in problem resolution.

Types of Project and submission

The individual school project will require the submission of multimedia files such as a video (limit of 2 minutes) and a PowerPoint file via an online form as an attachment.

Deadline: To be announced.


The announcement and presentation of rewards to the top three students will take place during the Stakeholder forum, which will take place at a later date and location.


Our plan is to ensure sustainability by continuing to engage the contestants after they have provided solutions to the challenges, furthermore, we shall continue to seek support from community, corporates and individuals to sustain the project.



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