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Final day of our 5 day Leadership and Vocational Skills workshop 2023

Friday 10th, November, 2023 was the Final day of our 5 day Leadership and Vocational Skills workshop. Registration of students commenced at about 9.30am
Phillips Ozoemena Obuesi the President of SWEEP- Statewide Waste Environmental Education Programme lagos.
He asked a question on what the students understand by personality and went further mentioning the type of personality
*The thinker, *The socializer, *supporter, *Director
He talked about Lagos state being the most populous state in Nigeria and Lagos state also generate high volume of waste daily. He further listed out the types of domestic waste such as,
*food waste: is degradable and decomposable, *medical waste , *plastic waste: Non degradable and non-decomposable.
He went further to say 60% waste generated in Lagos is recycle.
Finally he said the earth is the planet that is adaptable and the essence of the whole thing is to protect the planet. Amb Felix Iziomoh introduced another speaker Mrs flora to talk about writing skill to encourage those students with passion in writing. She gave them the definition of writing and went further by giving them 8 tips of succeeding in writing and she listed them
*Polish HR manuscript, *Building up the author platform, *Writing books that people can understand, * Write a lot and market them ETC.
And she also gave them the definition of E-book as an electronic form that can be read on a computer or handheld device.
And she went further giving them the meaning if ISBN (international standard book number)
She also gave them sites that will pay them for writing and rounded up.
And Amb Felix Iziomoh took over and ask the students what they have learnt and not to forget to share with their fellow students what they have learnt.
Also, he gave out internet safety tips, for the students to always create a strong password, activating privacy settings, for the students to list the types of social media and asked the students some important questions about the internet and telecom providers.
Mrs. Salako, from Schools Admin Department from Education District IV, paid a visit to the workshop and urged the students to put what they had learned into practice as well as share it with others in their school. She thanked the organization for putting up such event.
We look forward to the first follow up in three months’ time.


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