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Tuesday 26th Sept. 2023, our Executive Director began a 5-week Goal Mapping session for at-risk teenagers in rural communities across Lagos. This project is tagged ‘BRIGHTER FUTURES PROGRAMME’, is funded by the UK government and implemented by TAG International in partnership with CLEEN Foundation, Nigeria. The objective is to divert youths at risk of involving in Serious Organized Crime/ engaging with Organized Criminal Groups and providing them with positive alternative pathways.
The Teenagers will be exposed to The Introduction of Goal Mapping, The Power of Positive Thinking, 7 Questions of power exercise, and The 7 Steps of the Goal-Mapping Technique.
The Goal Mapping technique is 7 simple steps that help to activate a person’s ‘whole-brain’ by using a unique combination of words and images. The process of going through the 7 steps of Goal Mapping creates great levels of conscious clarity about What is to be achieved, the Priority and Why, When, How and Who will be needed.


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