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Leadership and Vocational Skills Workshop 2022 Day 5

Every good thing must come to an end. Our Leadership and Vocational Skills Workshop’s fifth day was a blast.
The workshop began at 10:30 a.m. Amb Felix Iziomoh introduced the session on Internet Safety Sensitization. Before the facilitator was introduced, some of the participants shared their experiences since the workshop began on Monday.
Highlights of what they have learnt are:
– How to be an influential leader
– How to map achievable goals
– Dangers of drug abuse
– Waste recycling & environmental safety
– Choosing the right career
– How to make liquid soap and perfume.
Mr. Adedoyin Adedeji, the day’s facilitator, educated the participants on Internet Safety. He stated that the era we live in is the most advantageous because of the internet’s high level of access to information, and people have few or no excuses for not getting needed information.
He issued a warning about the information that is posted on the internet, stating that if caution is not exercised, any personal or vital information posted on the internet will cause personal harm or damage. He advised participants to seek the advice of an older person if they had done anything wrong. The following are some internet safety measures suggested by the speaker: creating a strong password, activating privacy settings, and paying attention to current events on social media.
The facilitator mentioned the following career paths to consider: Digital graphic design, digital photography, filmmaking, and film animation, among other things
Mrs. Ajayi, The Education District IV, Director of Co- Curriculum Department, paid a visit to the workshop and urged the students to put what they had learned into practice as well as share it with those around them.


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