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ICLDNG holds 5 Day Leadership Training for 100 Students in Lagos

Day one of the Five days Leadership and Vocational skills started today 6th August, 2018. The pupils were taught how to make liquid soap and perfume, thanks to our Volunteer facilitator Omadudu Oghenefejiro Josephine.
This year’s workshop included some special needs pupils. The participating schools were also tasked to pick a leader amongst their group ahead of the five day activities.

Day two of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship workshop was amazing as the participants learnt about Goal Mapping for Academic Success; Mr Felix Iziomoh taught the students how to map their goals with the #Goalmappingworksheets by Brian Mayne. Students were excited as they came out to share their goals with other students. It was a shock, where a special need student mapped his goal using sign language.
Also, students went home with the liquid soap and perfume that was made yesterday the 6th August, 2018.
Looking forward to Day Three session ‘career development’.
Thank you so much Brian Mayne for the Goal Mapping worksheets.

Day Three of our Leadership and Entrepreneurship workshop continues as the students were taken through series of career path and how to choose a career. We had various speakers from different profession which includes; Lawyer, Civil Engineer, Human Resource Personnel, Mass Communicator, Accountant, Psychologist and a crime prevention expert who dwelt on core values, effects of drug abuse and wrong association and choices.
At the end, the students pledged to be the ‘NEXT GENERATION’ that will make positive things happen in Nigeria.
Thanks to our speakers who made it happen today Obuesi Phillips Ibe Chris Chidi Taiwo Fashola Owolabi Temitope Emiabata-Balogun Adedoyin Adedeji Richywhy Aondongu Abelags
It was also nice to have one of our last year leadership workshop beneficiary Saka Shukurat who came around to inspire the students and how she benefitted from the workshop.

It was a lively session on day four of our leadership programme. 
Leadership facilitator Ajayi Olakunle spoke to the pupils on leadership and qualities of a leader. 
The students were intrigued yesterday with Ibe Chris Chidi as they requested having him back; he talked about Time management and honesty and also engaged the students in some activities.
Thank you Ajayi Olakunle and Ibe Chris Chidi, it was really an inspiring time today with you.

End of our five days leadership and vocational skills workshop. 
It was a beautiful ending to a great event. Today’s session was on Internet Safety, Adedoyin Adedeji started with videos on Internet Safety and he spoke about understanding ICT and areas students can easily build tech businesses. Mrs Lamide Thompson Odeneye taught the pupils on Internet Safety, Things they need to know about Internet Safety, what is Cybersafety and how students can protect themselves online. 



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