Our Programs

Our Leadership Development program is majorly focused on teenagers in Public Schools. The school authority selects group of students for the program. We take these students through a series of training on Effective Leadership, Goal Mapping, Career Development, Mentorship and Internet Safety/Usage for four weeks. After the four weeks training, participants are mandated to conduct a Pass-It-On (PIO) exercise by developing a mini-training using the training manual given to them to share what they have learnt with a minimum of 10 students/teenagers in their schools and/or communities.  They may work in teams or individually to achieve this task. Participants completing the PIO will be issued certificates.

Some of our programs and projects include:

  • Value based Leadership Training

Our leadership development Program at ICLDNG is aimed at teenagers between 12 to 18 years in various high schools across Nigeria. Our plan is to empower the next generation of young leaders who will consciously seek positive solutions to challenges around them and would be change makers in their various communities. This program includes: Life skills and Soft skills such as leadership fundamentals, communication skills, goal setting/mapping, time management, decision-making and conflict resolution management. Regular workshops are conducted throughout the school year as school community projects are designed to fit their specific school needs. Past projects includes fundraising, purchase of sports facility, school materials and installation of a flagpole, etc.

Our Readers Club Program is an aspect of the High School Leadership Program in which motivational books and educational resources on self-help and leadership are acquired with funds obtained through fundraising campaigns. The program is integrated with workbooks and peer interaction based on the books under consideration, with periodic visits by the Coordinator of ICLDNG to clarify ideas engendered and to direct those students with a potential for leadership towards local opportunities for volunteering. Our aim is to develop reading culture by trying new books apart from the usual classroom textbooks. We aim to promote reading for pleasure and seek your support  through donation of books.

Our Mentorship Program provides students with a more experienced individual on whom they can rely for guidance and the sharing of life experiences, as well as providing the foundation for an on-going mentor and mentee relationship. Mentors are graduates of our affiliate program and volunteers from various professions qualified to support students in career goals.

Presently, we have a good partnership with Lagos State Government Ministry of Education to train and develop effective leaders in various Public High schools in the state.

  • Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship Development

Our Youth Empowerment program is designed for youth within the age of 18 to 30 years to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills specifically to meet the needs of the Youth. The program is made possible through our partnership with experienced young business owners and socially intelligent facilitators. It is designed to motivate and educate the youth leaders in their task of helping to create good citizens for their communities and to be business leaders.

  • Cyber Crime Prevention Awareness Campaign

One of the most effective tools to develop the growing population of African youth is Information Communication Technology (ICT). In our drive to develop effective leaders and promote safer Internet, it has become essential for us to rightfully develop adequate ICT capacity among our young leaders. Also the increase in the number of youth getting involved in cyber-crime across the country is also a big challenge, therefore by engaging these youth in ICT capacity development programs we are guiding them on the path to using technology the right way to not just solve real problems and challenges around them but also build sustainable Tech businesses in their various communities.

Over the last three years, we have worked closely with Economic and Financial Crime Commission, (EFCC) Lagos, Nigeria to hold cyber-crime prevention training’s in various schools. EFCC is government agency in-charge of combating cyber-crime in Nigeria.

  • Safer Internet

Safer Internet Day (SID) is a global event coordinated by Insafe/INHOPE in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world.

ICLDNG participates annually with over 100 countries in celebration of “Safer Internet Day”,   The day highlights positive uses of technology and explores the role we can all play in helping to create a better and safer online community. Children and young people are active and enthusiastic users of the internet and other online technologies such as mobile phones. The work of the Safer Internet activities will be based on knowledge of how children use these technologies. It calls upon young people, parents, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies and policymakers, to join in creating a safer internet which depends on each of us.

Also we partnered with Facebook to launch the Facebook Safety center in Nigeria. Our partnership with Facebook has been a great success. Through the support of Facebook in 2016, we worked with Lagos State Education District 3 and 4 to train over 2500 students from 18 Public schools across 6 Local Government Areas in Lagos State and Ogun State South West Nigeria.

In 2017, we worked with Lagos State Education District 1 to access five Lagos State Government Schools through which we held Safer Internet Day  for 300 selected young girls. In all, we have printed out about 3000 copies of the Facebook’s Internet Safety materials and distributed in all our workshops across Lagos and Ogun State Nigeria.

  • Career Development

  • Goal Mapping

    Discover how you can apply Goal Mapping to the important areas of your life. Turn your dreams into reality, contact us for Goal Mapping.

    Many young people find that Goal Mapping gives them a way to make their dreams a reality. For others it’s a tool that inspires them to consider what their hopes and dreams actually are. In all instances, children gain a skill that’s different to anything taught within their school curriculum, but which also compliments and supports their academic endeavours.

    Whatever form of success you dream of Goal Mapping can help you achieve it. The Goal Mapping program helps individuals explore their special gifts and talents, while learning how to set and achieve goals for lasting happiness and success. The program is suitable for children aged 10 and above.

    With our different workshops in over 20 schools, many students have come to realise that Goal Mapping set them on a path of making their dreams a reality. For others it’s a tool that inspires them to consider what their hopes and dreams really are: The program is an interactive session and students find it fun, it also makes the brain’s millisecond timing more efficient and helps them pay attention, think and make decisions faster. This will help them in school to create a Goal Map of what they are going to achieve. It also helps them understand ‘why’ they want it, ‘how’ they are going to achieve it and ‘who’ they will require help from.

Our approach is simple, we target the most vulnerable group of young people – teenagers from low income families in various public schools in the country. The under-development around them fuels a host of challenges including but, not limited to high vulnerability to poverty, low value orientation, restiveness, increasing level of drug addiction and usage, general breakdown in moral values and norms. In the competitive culture today, more teenagers are confused about their future and what it holds for them as a result, they are pushed to engage in criminal activities such as cultism, stealing including internet crime, drop out of school, high level of sexual activities and other social vices.

Therefore, the school is the best place to reach them. We work with school authorities to hold workshops to break their traditional stereotypes, sense of poverty and make them see themselves as leaders and change makers in their communities. They are taught to take responsibilities and be accountable for themselves and their community.

Effective human empowerment starts with the mind. Therefore, a mental re-orientation is a critical start for youth empowerment. Taking these youth through a process of mental development, helping them understand the power and capacity they have and supporting them with mentorship goes a long way to help them discover themselves.

Vocational skill and Tech training’s are also important factors in youth empowerment. We provide the skill set the youth need to discover themselves, express themselves and eventually empower themselves thus lifting their families out of poverty.